We need ideas and we need people to implement them. Below are some of the ideas we have had to allow Lyme Regis to achieve net zero carbon by 2030. If an idea is adopted by OPWG or one of the other organisations in and around Lyme Regis, then it will move to the Projects list.

  • Carbon offset the journeys of visitors to Lyme Regis
    Determine where a wide selection of people who park in the car parks, come from and hence determine the average journey distance and average vehicle size. This would allow us to determine an average carbon footprint for a visitor parking in the car parks. Take a levy from the car parking charge to offset the CO2. Current rough estimates out this at 50p per car parked, judged solely from tourists on one day during the summer.
    SDG7, SDG15
  • Solar panels over car parks
    Cover the car parks with ‘car port’ structures topped with solar panels, generating renewable electricity, protecting the cars from the sun and rain and using land which is unattractive to eliminate counter arguments. This would also allow easy charging of electric cars.
  • Lyme Bay Radio environmental program
    Create a programme on Lyme Bay Radio – ‘Eco Matters’ talking about what individuals, groups and businesses are doing in Lyme Regis to be more sustainable and to meet the SDGs

If you have a great idea to make Lyme Regis more sustainable or to reduce our carbon footprint in an innovative way, let us know by filling in this form: