On the beach

Today we were on the seafront at Lyme Regis spreading the word and talking to (mostly) visitors.

With our new leaflet and table banner we joined with Lyme Regis Town Council, Plastic Free Lyme Regis and the Lyme Regis Foodbank to increase public awareness of the initiatives that are already taking place in Lyme.

Our main activity was asking each group of visitors which town they were from, how long they were staying in Lyme and how they got here. We had a fantastic response and people were very interested to find out what we were doing; the climate emergency is very clearly known about and understood by almost everyone we spoke to.

We had 160 responses to our questions, with many people visiting from much further afield than we expected. A handful of international visitors will have made the average distance travelled much higher, but for car parking numbers we suspect the final result after analysis of this small sample will show around 80 miles average distance. This would mean 160 miles round trip, which in a medium sized car would release 25kg CO2. This would cost just 25p to offset.

Our next job on this particular mission will be to continue the survey into the car parks, where it is much easier to ask people as they pay for their ticket. We need to look at the off-season visitors to Lyme as well to ensure we get a well researched average number.

If you fancy joining in with any of the work we are doing to get Lyme Regis to be carbon neutral by 2030, drop us a line and let us know how you could help.

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  1. It was a really encouraging experience, talking to the locals and visitors, about Lyme’s green credentials and its aspirations.

    Lyme is an important coastal community and for a little place, it’s making a lot of positive noise!


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